Saturday, November 26, 2011


"If you're not willing to sound stupid, you're not worthy of falling in love."

Our first looks at each other, our first conversation. Our first text message and our first real talk. Our first date. I'll never forget. Never forget the feelings and how perfect everything was. We could be awake and talk about everything until the next morning, we could talk in the cellphone for hours without having any words left to say. It was love. Real love.
We became closer and closer and when i thought it couldn't be better he whispered the three most beautiful words in my ear. He whispered "I love you" and said that he never thought he could have this feelings for anyone. It was the best moment of my life. I was in love. Terrible in love.

We talked about how our house would look like and what name our baby should have. Then we laughed for hours about what we just said.

We talked about everything and we laughed, cried and did things together. That was life.
You are life.

You are the best boyfriend ever and everything would have been meaningless if you aren't in my life.

We are so equal you and me, but different at the same time. We had something that other people just could dream of.

I'll never forget how you said I was beautiful when i looked the most terrible than ever. And I'll never forget how special you made me feel. You had girlfriends before but I was the only one you fell in love with and I was the only one you ever cared about.

Every time I got a text message from you my heart stopped and every time I saw you called me I got a smile on my lips. You were mine.

Everyone has one...that one guy you just cannot seem to erase no matter how hard you try. He is the one who inconveniently pops into your mind just moments before you fall asleep, the name you hope to see appear on your phone, the guy who took an irretrievable piece of you. He is the guy you will never forget and the one you are thinking about while reading this. Yep...everyone has one.

♥ u ron